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Good Governance: An Evolutionary Approach
Good Governance: An Evolutionary Approach
By Bret Weinstein - The Evolutionist Channel

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A Shared Frontier
A Letter From Bret
If humanity continues down our current path, we will not survive. There are too many of us consuming too much, our technology is too powerful, and we are all hooked together in one global system. Our fates are now linked and we will thrive or perish together.

We got into this predicament through an evolutionary process--All of the problems that we face are actually symptoms of a process that has no name.

There is a way out. We can have a world that is sustainable and anti-fragile, fair and free, and safe enough to empower us to take big risks.

This is not a utopian vision any more than a hummingbird is a mythical creature. This is an achievable goal if we can accept a few things:

  • Given similar circumstances, people are basically alike
  • An excellent world is possible, but perfection is not an option
  • The future can not be designed, it will have to be discovered

This is not magical thinking. This is the logical conclusion of inquiry. It is, in a very real sense, the final frontier for humanity. There is no guarantee we will succeed, but we must do everything in our power, because failure will surely lead to extinction.

The enemy that has no name is not a nation, an organization or a religion. It is not a corporation or an industry. It is not an economic system or an ideology. It is a way of living on the earth that evolved, and if we are to change it, we must take evolution from autopilot and into our own hands. We must come together to create the future we wish to inhabit.
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