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Tier 1: Monthly Evolutionist Letter - $2 per month
Get access to a monthly letter with an evolutionary lens applied to a particular topic. In the past I've covered the political compass test, synthesis vs. reductionism, paradoxical navigation and breakthrough science. When you sign up you get access to all previous evolutionist letters.
Tier 2: Vote on Future Video Topics - $5 per month
Vote on new videos to appear on The Evolutionist youtube channel. Also get access to all Evolutionist letters.
Tier 3: The Monthly Roundtable - $100 per month
Participate in a two-hour roundtable on the first Saturday of every month at 10am - 12pm PT. In this wide-ranging discussion we cover territory that unites perspectives from across the political landscape. Also get access to the evolutionist letters and voting rights on future videos.
Tier 4: The Interactive Lecture - $250 per month
Class is in session. Join me for an interactive lecture on the first Sunday of the month 10 am to 12pm PT where I present on a particular topic and you ask as many questions as you'd like.
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